Kathy Ferguson

The People’s Delegate.


noun: delegate; plural noun: delegates


  1. a person sent or authorized to represent others, in particular an elected representative sent to a conference. A delegate is a person selected to represent a group of people in some political assembly of the United States.

Kathy Ferguson

The People’s Delegate
Kathy Ferguson
The People’s Delegate.  A little bit country.  A little bit rock & roll.  A whole lot of R&B & Hip Hop.  Educated.  Street smart.  Stays Woke.  God Centered.  Civic Minded.  Critical Thinker.  Common Sense User.  WV Value Holder.  Military Supporter.  Daughter.  Sister.  Niece.  BAE.  Community Activist.  Status Quo Fighter.  Consensus Seeker.  Fact Gatherer.  Go Getter.  MoverShaker.  Collaborator.  Book Lover.  Movie Goer.  Sci-fi Watcher.  Bridge Builder.  Tree Hugger.  Team Player.  Issue Debater.  Environment Protector.  Brother’s Keeper.  People Includer.  Establishment Challenger.  Progressive Leader. 

The motto of my campaign is ‘People First’. That is to say that everything I plan to do as a legislator will be centered around The People, only advancing policy that would be considered beneficial and opposing any that would cause undue hardships to the people.  As it stands currently, the overwhelming majority of legislative policy and priority is focused on “the haves”, while the “almost gots”, and “have nots” are left by the wayside suffering the consequences.

I intend to be one of hopefully many that changes this political model. We must begin to fully consider the unincorporated areas, communities of color, underemployed areas, lower wealth rural communities, and growing circles of foreign-born immigrants and senior citizens, that are routinely marginalized and seek to include them in decisions that directly impact them.  Will you join me in this fight?

Are you a person who faces challenges putting food on the table and clothes on your family’s back?  Do you question the safety of our water? Do you struggle to find safe, affordable and decent housing? Do you rely on SSI/SSDI or other government and charitable assistance to take care of your family or to get medical attention?  Or perhaps you are a helpful steward and citizen of the world who has care and compassion for folks struggling for their basic needs. 

If you can relate, great… I am the candidate for you!  Not yet?  Keep reading or click here to learn more about other things I plan to address as your delegate.  Let’s work together to put People First!

People First

If you select PROGRESSIVE delegates like myself, who’ve made a commitment to keep ‘The People’ at the core of their legislative agenda, it can positively impact everything this District, this County and the State of WV at large can offer both current and future residents.  In this way, we ALL win!

Issues I’m Fighting For

Deadline to Register to vote: Oct. 13th


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Get Registered

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Vote November 3rd

  • Oct. 21-Oct. 31:  Early IN PERSON Voting (For updated polling locations in Kanawha Co. call 304-357-0130 )
  • Oct. 28th –  Deadline for Absentee Ballots  (Must be received by this date)

  • November 3rd  – Election Day   

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The 35th District (Is this me?)

The 35th District is a broad swath of territory in Kanawha County that primarily runs along McCorkle Ave. and secondarily along Rt. 25. If you live in this district and request a Democratic Ballot, you can select Kathy Ferguson -The Peoples Delegate to be one of your representatives.

District 35 includes the following areas (listed west to east):

Tornado (a portion) – Those who vote at Andrew Heights Elementary
Precinct 307

All of St. Albans

All of Nitro

All of Institute

All of Dunbar

All of Jefferson

All of Spring Hill

South Charleston (a portion) – Precincts 217, 223, 226, 227, 233, 234, 281, 282, 283
285, 286, 287, 288

South Hills/Charleston (a portion) – 109A, 238, 239, 240, 241, 244, 246, 247, 253
254, 277

Charleston (a portion) – Those who vote at the Capital City FOP Lodge #74
Precinct 366

Kanawha City (a portion) – Those who vote at Kanawha City Elementary
Precincts 160, 258, 260

A Better West Virginia

Let’s Stop Voting for the Same People and Expecting Different Results

More Jobs

New People 

Better Leadership

Look around.  Ask yourself have things been getting better, staying the same or worse? 

 Our state seems to be in one of 2 conditions:  Stagnancy or Decline.  Over the last decades there has been little to no economic growth in the state. People are leaving the area in droves because there are few good paying jobs and limits in their career growth.  It has left the rest of us to pick up the slack for those losses with increased utility costs and taxes.  When the powers that be make us beholden to 2 industries that’s what happens.  We need diversification of our economy; diversification of our demographics; diversification of leadership.  The larger variety of people we have, the larger variety of businesses and companies we attract, the more variety we have of leaders with different life experiences, different approaches and unique ideas the more opportunity for significant growth and prosperity we The People can all share in.  This is an opportunity to vote for someone who cares about you and will fight to ensure this is a livable state for ALL. 

Lets change the math

(Poor Leadership + No Jobs) / Less People = A Declining WV

Find Your Tribe

Rise Up
Not for sale

Help Me, Help Us.

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